Addressing the recent concerns and worries raised by the BBC Panorama episode focusing on three ADHD private clinics, I had the privilege of engaging in a live interview on Instagram with the renowned writer Grace Timothy, whom I also consider one of the most balanced ADHD advocates on social media.

During our discussion, we delved into the complexities surrounding the portrayal of ADHD in the episode and aimed to shed light on the nuances that may have been overlooked. You can watch the Instagram video of our interview by clicking on this link:  Instagram Live Dr Mohamed Abdelghani & @GRACETIMOTHYWRITER

If you’re interested, I also invite you to read my latest blog post on our website titled ‘A Balanced Perspective on ADHD: Addressing Concerns Raised by the BBC Panorama Episode’, where I share my insights and thoughts regarding the episode.

Together, let’s foster a better understanding of ADHD and work towards a more inclusive and accurate representation of this neurodevelopmental condition.