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Transcranial Pulse Stimulation (TPS)

London Alzheimer’s Clinic is the first place in the UK to offer TPS to Alzheimer’s patients.

London Alzheimer’s Clinic is a service of Dyad Medical.

TPS is a novel non-invasive personalised intervention for Alzheimer’s Disease.

TPS is a non-drug intervention for Alzheimer’s Disease.

TPS is a well tolerated intervention with little side effects.


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TPS is delivered using a device called Neurolith.

The Neurolith medical device received the European CE Mark in May 2021.

Stimulating certain areas of the brain using TPS is believed to improve blood flow in these areas in addition to formation of new blood vessels.

TPS involves passing short and painless acoustic waves through the patient’s head to stimulate brain regions with high accuracy.

These waves are believed to stimulate neuronal growth factors and to improve blood flow in these areas in addition to formation of new blood vessels.

A typical course consists of 6 sessions over 2 weeks.

It is an outpatient intervention (30 minutes/session) that does not need admission to hospital.

Patients are usually able to continue their daily activities straight away after each session. 

One of our expert consultant psychiatrists will see you for an assessment to confirm your diagnosis and if TPS is the right intervention for you.

We will then arrange for you to have an MRI scan that will then be used to deliver sessions in a precise way.

You will have a comprehensive review using validated rating scales before your first session.

The same validated rating scales will be repeated at the end of the 6 sessions.

TPS is not suitable for everyone with Alzheimer’s diagnosis. Checking this is an essential part of the assessment that will be performed by our team.

Our team will ensure that patients have been tried or offered treatments for Alzheimer’s disease according to the guidelines before considering TPS.

We recommend that our patients should continue on medication they are already taking while receiving TPS.  

Our team will discuss the pros and cons of having TPS with all patients. This will include the research studies done on TPS and the limitations of these studies.

london esketamine clinic harley street
london esketamine clinic harley street



Phone Consultation with screening for safety and suitability

£ 0

Full psychiatric assessment with one of our expert psychiatrists

  • Careful assessment of past medication (treatment) history
  • Detailed review of current illness using validated rating scales
  • Explanation of TPS and what the sessions involve
  • Recommending TPS and agreeing a management plan

£ 800
(from £800 depending on which consultant)

TPS session

  • Administration of TPS by one of our trained clinicians using the Neurolith device
  • The session will be delivered using neuronavigation for precision of the intervention after uploading the patient’s MRI scan to the device.
  • Comprehensive review at the end of the course of TPS with one of our expert consultants.
  • Discharge meeting agreeing a post discharge plan
  • Discharge report including a discharge plan

£ 3,000
(for a course of 6 sessions)

*No hidden extra costs, all reviews and consultation time included once the sessions start.

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