repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation 

Premier rTMS Provider

  • Expertise in rTMS: Led by Dr. Mohamed Abdelghani, a recognized pioneer and award-winning expert in rTMS. Dr. Abdelghani founded the first NHS clinical rTMS service in London.
  • Internationally Renowned: Abdelghani was the first non-American elected as President of the Clinical TMS Society and has received multiple accolades for his contributions to the field.
Dr Abdelghani taking personalised measurements to ensure precision of the TMS treatment
  • Specialist Psychiatrists: London TMS centre is led by highly qualified specialist psychiatrists, bringing expertise and a track record of innovation in psychiatric treatment, ensuring that patients receive the highest standard of care.
  • Tailored Experience: Each treatment is personalized, based on precise calculations and tailored to the individual’s specific needs.


State-of-the-Art Facility:

  • Optimal Environment: Located on Harley Street, our centre is meticulously designed for comfort and effectiveness, promoting a calming and supportive atmosphere.
  • Advanced Technology: We utilize high-performing rTMS devices proven to deliver successful outcomes, ensuring the highest standards of care.

Comprehensive Benefits of rTMS at London TMS Centre: 

  • Highly Effective: Demonstrated efficacy in treating depression, anxiety, and other conditions, particularly where other treatments have failed.
  • Safety and Comfort: rTMS is a safe procedure backed by over two decades of clinical use. It is non-invasive, does not require anaesthesia, and carries minimal risk of side effects.
  • Quick and Convenient: Treatments are quick (3 to 40 minutes), with no downtime required. Patients can immediately return to daily activities post-session.
  • Drug-Free Alternative: An ideal option for those who prefer a non-pharmacological approach or those who have not responded to medications.


Latest SAINT Protocol: 

  • Advanced Neuromodulation Technique: The SAINT protocol is a refined version of conventional rTMS, developed at Stanford University, aiming to enhance precision in targeting brain circuits associated with depression.
    Designed to be delivered in 50 sessions of accelerated rTMS over 5 days, with studies indicating potential for quicker symptom improvement.
  • Accelerated TMS protocols:  We offer various accelerated rTMS protocols including a course of 50 sessions over 5 days inspired by SAINT.
  • Specialized and Evidence-Based: Offered at select medical centres, the SAINT protocol represents the forefront of neuromodulation research, with ongoing studies to further understand its efficacy in diverse patient populations.

Patient-Centred Care:

  • Relaxing Treatment Experience: Patients can relax in a comfortable chair, listen to music, or watch entertainment during the session, overseen by a dedicated rTMS nurse.
  • Accessibility and Support: We offer a free initial phone consultation to discuss your needs and explain how rTMS can help. An easy-to-complete online form is available to schedule this consultation.

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