Services & Treatments Offered

We offer our patients a unique, bespoke service that suits their needs.

Our team of experts, staff, location, facilities and TMS device combine to make London TMS Centre the best place to receive your treatment.

Guaranteed to be treated by leading Doctors in the field and supervised by Dr Abdelghani a renowned TMS expert.

Conditions Considered


At London TMS Centre we offer TMS as a treatment for several different Psychiatric, Mental Health and Neurological Disorders.

Facial Pain Syndromes

Chronic Pain Conditions

Neuropathic Pain

Post stroke (hand motor recovery)

Post Stroke (non-fluent aphasia)

Multiple Sclerosis (lower limb spasticity)

If you suffer from any of these or another condition not mentioned and want to know if TMS or other neuromodulation treatments can help, please contact us.

Treatments Offered


We offer a variety of TMS treatment protocols, all of which are clinically proven in treating different disorders.

rTMS (repetitive TMS)

HF-TMS (High Frequency TMS)

LF-TMS (Low Frequency TMS)

TBS (Theta Burst Stimulation)

Unilateral TMS

Bilateral TMS

Accelerated TMS

We always discuss openly the pros and cons of each treatment and the scientific evidence supporting them with every patient.

The best clinic in the UK for TMS?

Our experts

  • The founder and medical director of London TMS Centre is Dr Mohamed Abdelghani (Consultant Psychiatrist) a TMS expert who is highly regarded both nationally and internationally
  • In 2016 Dr Abdelghani founded the first TMS service in the NHS in London at Camden & Islington NHS Foundation Trust and he continues to lead this service
  • In April 2018 (re-elected 2020) Dr Abdelghani became the first Britain to be elected as director of the Clinical TMS Society (largest professional organisation of TMS clinicians in the world)
  • In May 2018 Dr Abdelghani won the Clinical TMS President’s award for his dedication, collaboration, efforts and leadership to advance the ideals of the clinical TMS Society
  • In May 2019 he was elected as the Secretary of the Clinical TMS Society.
  • In 2021 Dr Abdelghani was elected as Vice President / President Elect of the Clinical TMS Society.
  • In May 2022 Dr was elected as President of the Clinical TMS Society, the first person from outside the USA to serve in this position.
  • Dr Abdelghani is involved in cutting edge research in the field of neuromodulation
  • All treatments delivered at London TMS Service is done under the supervision of Dr Abdelghani
  • For more information about Dr Abdelghani’s work and expertise please click here
  • All consultants who work in our centre are NHS consultants and they are experts in their fields. For more information please visit “meet our experts”page


  • Our TMS nurses are highly skilled nurses who also work at the NHS
  • All our staff received additional high quality TMS training

Location & facilities

  • Our TMS centre is located in Harley Street in the heart of London’s medical district.
  • London TMS centre is easily accessible by different transportation links for people living in London, outside London and for international patients.
  • Our luxury centre has been carefully designed in order to create the right environment to support our patients’ recovery.

TMS device

  • We have attentively chosen a high performing TMS device that has a track record in delivering successful TMS treatments.
  • Our chosen device offers the highest flexibility to our clinicians, thus allowing them to offer our patients with the best standard of care.
  • The TMS device we use offers the utmost comfort to patients.

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